Research and Recce

In order for you to get the best out of telling your story it is really important that we get to know you and what makes you tick.

Our research interview is a very important part of this process and we aim to spend at least half a day with you, asking you about your life and perhaps looking at photos or mementos that you would like to include in your film. When we are with you we also take a look at locations to film your interview.

We will complete a simple questionnaire with you about what you want to achieve with your film, so we make sure we all understand what we are working towards.

Agreeing dates & Planning and Project Treatment
Once we have an idea of what package may suit you, we can get availability from you for the filming.

At this point, we may also need to work with agencies and authorities to get appropriate clearance for filming- i.e. if in a public place or in a hospital or care home. We will also talk to you about music and images and make sure that these are cleared for copyright.

We we also complete statutory risk assessment forms to make sure that we comply with Health and Safety legislation. We will send you a copy of the filming schedule with contact numbers and times .

At this point we will also provide you with a project’ Treatment’ form to agree which will make sure that you are happy with how we will shape your film. On the signing of this form a further 25% of the cost will be secured from you.

The Filming

We will turn up on time and make sure that your day goes as smoothly as possible and that the filming event is as enjoyable as possible. We do ask that you have a family member or friend on hand who you can talk to whilst we are setting up all our equipment, this will make you feel less anxious.

The filming will be divided into interviews and general location and stills ( photos and memorabilia), we will schedule in meal breaks, but we do not provide food and drink during the shoot. it is good to have someone on hand to do this for you.

We like to run to time but there may be the odd occasion where we have to work longer hours if for example the weather is against us. You will not be charged for any time worked over the schedule end time.

Post Production

We will use the latest editing software to create your package, bearing in mind your requirements and what you want to achieve with your film.

We will use music images and graphics to tell your story. Once we have our ‘ offline ‘ version, we are still able to make amendments and will send you a draft for you to look at.

At this stage we need you to check facts to see if they are accurate and we can take onboard any comments, however by accepting our teams and conditions, you are agreeing that the creative aspect of the film cannot be re negotiated at this stage due to cost implications of further editing that would be outside the cost of the packages.
We will provide the final version for you as a DVD, however digital alternatives can be provided to suit your needs such as MP4 ( which you ca upload to You Tube for easy access for friends and relatives )


We hope that you will enjoy and be inspired by your film. We can provide it in the digital format that you require.
Please note our terms and conditions on duplication and copyright.

We provide enhanced services for our Winter and Birthday Buzz packages and can come to events to present your film if you require. For costs please see our packages section.