Bespoke Video Production that help tells your story...

Stories connect the past and present to the future.

We tell our own stories as a way of making sense of and validating our own lives and as a gift to future generations.

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How does telling our stories benefit us?

As we tell our stories we remember but we also transcend the experiences as we recount them, broadening our perspective in the telling.

Some experiences may have imprisoned or enslaved us and perhaps it is time to let them go.

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How does telling our stories benefit future generations?

They can awaken future generations to their potential and is an opportunity for them to connect to their history.

We hunger to know ourselves as part of history. We long to locate ourselves in the generations, to have a place, to belong.

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What We Can Do to bring your family history alive

We are a bespoke video production company based in the North West of England, who specialise in living  family ancestry films.We  work mainly (but not exclusively) with older people and their families, making sure that their unique life stories are celebrated and not ever forgotten.

Whether you are an older person wanting a personal video profile or a family who want a permanent record of the achievements of your loved ones( including Anniversaries or milestone Birthdays) we capture your living family history. We can also help with Tribute videos for life celebration events, thanksgivings and funerals.

Celebrate your loved ones while they are still around and make sure that the stories that made up your family history are preserved for generations to come.  We find many older people are modest about their achievements but their untold stories are of huge value, they help those around them to know and remember them better so let’s not lose them.

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Meet Jude

I am a former BBC Producer and Director and spent over 14 years capturing the lives and aspirations of a whole range of people most of whom had extraordinary stories. I worked with a range of household names including Mohammed Ali, Tony Robinson( Blackadder) John Simpson (Reporter), Jeremy Irons (Actor) and even Mr T (A-Team).

Whilst recognising the value of these stories the second half of my career was very different. I worked exclusively advocating for and with a range of marginalised people who often had their voices ignored – the elderly and vulnerable in care homes and hospitals, people with mental health problems, those with dementia or brain injury and people with very poor physical health.

I am now using skills from these 2 distinct careers to work to capture your story, in a way that gives your unique life and circumstances the recognition it should have. Everyone’s story is equally valid and my mission is to help you tell yours.

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"It has been a pleasure working with you (Judith) over the past few years and wish you every success in your new venture. I am sure that you will put the same commitment into it as you have done for Age Connects in North Wales with, hopefully, the same positive results."

Phil Gilroy, Denbighshire County Council